2014 Quality & Patient Safety Roadmap

Thank you to the speakers, storyboard presenters and attendees who made the 2014 Quality & Patient Safety Roadmap a success! Here you can find powerpoints, storyboards and other resources from the Roadmap.

Final Agenda: 2014 Quality & Patient Safety Roadmap Agenda

Speaker Biographies: 2014 Quality & Patient Safety Roadmap Speaker Bios

Speaker Presentations:

Welcome - Maulik Joshi, DrPH

Becoming a Highly Reliable Organization - Gary Yates, MD *Presentation only available to SLHQ members

The Role of Patient and Family Engagement in High Reliablity Organizations

Moderator: Bev Johnson

Panelists: Mark Rumans, MD; Dorothea Handron; Mary Cooper, MD

Governance Lessons from High-performing Hospitals

Moderator: Maulik Joshi, DrPH

Panelists: Tammy Dye, MSN, RNC; Fred Goldberg, MD; Beth Daley Ullem

Hospital Patient and Family Advisory Councils (PFAC) Best Practices

Moderator: Sue Collier

Panelists: Evan Benjamin, MD; Linda McShane; David Mayer, MD

Accelerating Improvement to Eliminate Patient Harm - Tanya Lord, MPH, PhD; Knitasha Washington, DHA, FACHE

Storyboards and Videos:

Critical Access Hospitals

General Medical and Surgical Hospitals

State Hospital Associations

Other Resources:

Action Plan

Ideas to Test

HF/AHA Leadership Summit Presentations: http://www.healthforum-edu.com/summit/session-presentations.dhtml